SAP Education can help you/your organization reap significant benefits, including: Faster, more cost-effective initial implementations, Better acceptance among end users, with decreased support costs, Ongoing, optimal return on your software investment, Faster adaptation to new releases and changes in business practices. The curriculum combines business, academic and technical skills to broaden students understanding in the theory and application of information technology in business.

To take any Functional module, you need to have a minimum of 2-3 years of industrial experience in the relevant business function. To take the technical module of SAP you need to be strong in programming concepts. Generally recommended to people with minimum 1-2 years of technical experience.

SAP Training develops skills and experience in the practical management and application of technology. It is for everyone -from everyday users to senior management.

SAP Certification is NOT a job guarantee program. SAP Certification is only to certify you in a particular area that you have reasonable amount of knowledge at that point of time. This would help the employers to believe SAP, being a third party, while recruiting the consultants on the board. SAP Certification is one of the ingredients in the recruitment process, hence, it is in the hands of the consultants to keep the right expectation regarding the SAP Certification.

You cannot blame SAP Certification for everything in the world. SAP Certification is not a medicine for all the diseases. You need to look for the grey areas to be improved upon. SAP Certification is only complimentary to your skills. However, employers do look for your education, domain knowledge, communication skills, business acumen, hands on experience, cultural fit and attitude etc. Therefore, please keep right expectations regarding SAP Certification.

The best way to get SAP HANA certification is to learn and get certified from a recognized training platform. Additionally, taking up projects related to SAP HANA to get hands on experience. You can then include these projects on your resume to help you stand out among the crowd in the interview. We at Tech Training Academy will never compromise in delivering the exact content and information to our learners. Our expert trainers are SAP Certified and will solve all the queries and provide exact content according the chosen SAP HANA certification.

SAP is changing very fast. SAP is no longer like 15 years back, where only concentrated on OLTP systems. Now, they are doing amazing things in OLAP systems. Sky is the only limit in this area. S/4 HANA Finance. S/4 HANA Logistics (MM / SD/ PP), HANA Modeling, ABAP ON HANA Programming, BOBJ, BPC, Fiori etc. are many hottest skills in the module.

Particularly if you are in offshore, you hardly see any type of implementation exposure. Even in onshore locations also the implementation projects are dried up. Some of the upgrade / business re-engineering projects are going on. You should always patiently wait to grab the implementation projects. Irrespective of the project type, always concentrate on learning new things on a daily basis.

E2E Project would help you to understand the overall life cycle of the Project. However, it does not mean that you are going to master in all activities. SAP Program works at a high level and it may be required you need to be part of number of implementation projects. It is also largely depending on how complex projects that you have worked. Always E2E is an opportunity and try to grab as much as you can.

Being a contract consultant, you are always interested in role rather than a position. Whereas permanent employee is always interested in position, rather than a role. The more challenging roles that you do, the more competitive you would become. I personally do not much believe in position, as it is not a permanent thing in life.

Every country has its own requirements, some countries welcome the best talent in the world, and some countries are having very restrict market. You need to first decide whether to go overseas and working in more challenging work environment. First need to decide which country you intend to go and know the immigration rules affect your employment. Then find the sponsors / companies that could help you in achieving your career dreams.

Many people have asked me that they have tried very hard to get the SAP Job, still not successful. No defeat is final until you give up. You may not be aware that you are about to get a break, but, unfortunately, you might have left the ground. Therefore, once you have committed, never stop trying, whatever be the odds. Keep trying and pushing yourself always.

People always dream to become techno-functional consultants. However, it is very hard to find a good techno functional consultant. Technical people always scare about functional terminologies and functional people always scare about the programming skills. If you strongly believe you can spend time in mastering both the areas, it is always advisable to have the techno-functional skills.

Unfortunately, you may have work in your life with companies, who never intend to personally develop their resources. But, that does not mean that you should not develop your skills. You should always keep some income out of your salary and keep it aside. Learn the new areas / skills with that money. If you do not learn new things, then you would be last in the queue.

Usually consultant after certain years of experience tend towards project management. Many people may go into project management, because they may get good salaries. This is the general tendency in many Countries. Whereas some masters in their own area and command with authority. If you have any plans, then you can think of doing Activate Project Management (S4 HANA) to achieve your dream.

Yes, our Certificate is valid anywhere in the world. Each Certificate contains a unique ID number which can be validated by anyone.

This is a debatable topic. When you undergo any professional courses even if you have completed the training you are expected to have a certificate to validate your training. Similarly, SAP training with certification keeps you a level up in the ladder of evaluation in Interviews and promotions in comparison with other candidates of same level of experience.

Our training courses are designed to give you real-world SAP experience that you can use immediately in an SAP position. We give 4 in 1 training (CITE Training). The meaning of CITE Training is C- Certification, I – Implementation, T- Testing, E – End user Area. So, CITE Training says that you will be qualified on particular Module and then given Hands-on- experience towards Implementation, Testing and End user Area. This will make the big difference in Training Industry. Implementation partners or Industries who is using SAP looking for Ready Made Consultant. Our Training prepares the consultant in the same way. However, we do not provide job placement assistance or job guarantees. You might want to work with a recruiter to determine how best to take advantage of your personal situation.

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