SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA for Management Accounting Associates (1909)

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Format: Live Virtual

Duration: 60 Hours

Course Overview

The “SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA for Financial Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1909)” is recommended is recommended as an entry-level qualification to allow consultants to get acquainted within Management Accounting projects. This certificate is the ideal starting point for a professional career as a Management Accounting consultant on SAP S/4HANA. If experience in SAP implementation projects of Management Accounting are added over years, a professional career can be validated by taking a second exam which focuses on the migration from SAP ERP to SAP S/4HANA: “SAP Certified Application Professional – Financials in SAP S/4HANA for SAP ERP Financials experts”.

Topic Areas:

Please see below the list of topics that may be covered within this certification and the courses that cover them. Its accuracy does not constitute a legitimate claim; SAP reserves the right to update the exam content (topics, items, weighting) at any time.

Cost Center Accounting > 12%

  • Maintain cost center master data, hierarchies, and groups.
  • Maintain activity types and statistical key figures.
  • Perform daily operations and period end closing for cost center accounting.
  • Perform planning and reporting for cost center accounting.

Product Cost Planning > 12%:

  • Determine the cost component structure, define costing versions for alternative costings.
  • Maintain primary cost component structure and transfer to material cost component structure.
  • Perform multi-level costings.
  • Carry out a price update in the material master record.
  • Determine valuation variants.
  • Describe reporting options in the costing transaction (costing structure, element list, component list, lot size).
  • Determine costing variants.

Profitability Analysis > 12%:

  • Define value fields, characteristics and summary characteristics.
  • Configure profitability analysis and determine the operating concern.
  • Define result analysis and revenue recognition.
  • Configure period-end closing for PA.
  • Configure the characteristic derivation.
  • Determine valuation of value fields (e.g. costing sheet, valuation via cost component split).
  • Analyze the differences between costing-based and account-based PA.
  • Analyze the actual value flow to CO-PA in a sales process (make to order or sales from stock)

Cost Object Controlling > 12%:

  • Configure cost object controlling – planning and actuals.
  • Customize and complete cost object controlling in a make to stock scenario and a make to order scenario.
  • Configure period end closing for cost objects.
  • Define work in process rules (periodic view / order view).
  • Determine and customize results analysis.
  • Determine and customize variance calculation.
  • Determine and customize valuated sales order stock.
  • Determine and customize sales order item as cost object.

Internal Orders > 8% – 12% :

  • Configure internal order types and maintain internal order master records.
  • Perform daily operation in internal order accounting.
  • Configure and perform internal order settlement and perform other period end closing activities for internal orders.
  • Configure and use budgeting and commitment management.
  • Perform reporting for internal orders.

Reporting > 8% – 12%:

  • Determine general reporting requirements for cost centers, configure cost center reporting, and create report painter reports and drill-down reports.

Organizational Assignments and Process Integration 8% – 12%:

  • Determine scopes and processes in Management Accounting and determine high-level requirements for organization units.
  • Assign the controlling area to company codes and operating concern.
  • Define cross-company code design. Define sales pricing, inbound freight, stock transfers.
  • Configure period end closing.

Profit Center Accounting < 8% :

  • Create organizational charts for profit centers, determine Profit Centers (in FI in the new GL)
  • Create Profit Centers and check master data assignments, and configure period-end closing for PCA.

Certification Details

The ‘SAP Certified Application Associate – SAP S/4HANA for Management Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1909)’ certification exam verifies that the candidate possesses fundamental knowledge and proven skills in the area of SAP S/4HANA Management Accounting.

  • The exam tests that the candidate has a good overall understanding within this consultant profile and can implement this knowledge practically in projects under the guidance of an experienced consultant.
  • At the end of this training program, you will be provided quizzes that perfectly reflect the type of questions asked in the certification exam and help you score better. The training includes practice tests that have been designed carefully by maintaining the exam structure , syllabus, topic weights , cut score and time duration same as the actual C_TS4CO_1909 – SAP S/4HANA for Management Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1909) exam you will take.

All-Inclusive Pricing

  • Certification Cost with Examination Practice Software, Training, Server Charges, Exam booking + Dumps
  • Study Material – Soft copy – Password Protected
  • Server Access for 60 Days
  • Processing and Approval


  • No prerequisites for taking this course

Official Exam Details

  • Exam Name : C_TS4CO_1909 – SAP S/4HANA for Management Accounting Associates (SAP S/4HANA 1909)
  • Exam: 80 questions
  • Cut Score: 54%
  • Duration: 180 mins
  • Type of Questions : Multiple choice (single/multiple), True/False
  • Passing Score : 63%


  • S/4HANA Management Accounting certification is mainly targeted at  candidates who are from a business consulting, and SAP S/4HANA  background and want to build their career as a SAP S/4HANA Management Accounting consultant.
  • SAP Architects
  • SAP S/4 HANA Consultants
  • Anyone who wants to gain knowledge and pass SAP  Certifications

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