Handle Traffic with Load Balancer (SLB)

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Format: On-Demand Online Learning Training

Duration: 46 Minutes

Target Audience

DevOps engineers, Cloud resource operation engineers, Junior Developers and Cloud Beginners. There are no prerequisites required for this course.

Server Load Balancer (SLB) is a ready to use service that integrates seamlessly with Elastic Scaling Service (ECS) to efficiently manage varying levels of traffic without the need of any manual intervention.

After Class Access: 1-year access to recorded training
Certification: Apsara Clouder – Cloud Computing Specialist Certification: Handle Large Traffic with Load Balancer
Exam Questions: 15
Number of Exam Attempts: 2 Times
Language: English

What’s Included:

With this Certification Class you will receive:

  • Expert Solution Architect Instructor from Alibaba Cloud Academy
  • Digital Course Material: View from anywhere and any device
  • Digital Exam Prep Material: View from anywhere and any device
  • Note: You must purchase the certification package before you are able to complete all lessons for a certificate.
  • You have one year of access

How to get Certified
1. Purchase the Course
2. Watch the Class
3. Attend The Exam
4. Receive Your Certification

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understand the usage of a Server Load Balancer
  • Learn the main concepts of SLB and how to set your own SLB instance on Alibaba Cloud Platform, manage disaster tolerance and secure your system
  • Learn how to manage the SLB instance including how to load balance different tasks
  • Configuration Demo

✔ Server Load Balancer (SLB) is configured above ECS instances to receive incoming traffic and distributes the traffic across multiple ECS instances, detect unhealthy instances and routes traffic to healthy instances only.

✔ SLB ensures high availability of your applications by eliminating single-point-of-failure and also protects from SYN flood and DDoS attacks. It also builds highly scalable and robust applications.

✔ Using Alibaba Cloud SLB you can manage sudden traffic spikes, minimize response times and ensure uncompromised availability of your web application.

Course Outline

Increased traffic, often results in a delayed response from web servers or even a halt in service. Load balancing lies in “sharing.” When massive traffic is detected, the traffic is distributed to multiple servers to improve the external service capability of the website and avoid the impact of a single point failure. In this online course, we teach the basics of load balancing, principles and scenarios, and master cloud platform load balancing features and usage.

  • Index
  • Introduction to Load Balancing
  • Alibaba Cloud SLB Components
  • Alibaba Cloud SLB Architecture
  • Use SLB for Disaster Tolerance
  • Alibaba Cloud SLB Security
  • Configure a SLB with 4 Backend Servers in 2 Different Zones

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The Alibaba Cloud Academy is the Training and Certification arm of Alibaba Cloud. The Academy offers over 130 online and offline certification courses that prepare customers, partners, and developers to tackle Cloud solutions with Alibaba Cloud products. Online offerings include short free videos that introduce fundamental concepts of Cloud computing while “Clouder” certification courses teach and evaluate a user’s ability to perform certain functions with Alibaba Cloud products.

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