Corda Distributed Ledger Architecture – Onsite


Price: $1,999  $2500

Format: Onsite Only

Duration: 3 Days

Target Audience

This instructor-led 3-day R3 Corda Architecture training is for technical leaders who need to make decisions about architecture, environment, and development platforms using the R3 Corda platform.


  • Basic Java Programming Skills

The Certified Corda Solution Architecture exam is included with this class. The class covers the following topics:

  • Fundamental R3 Corda concepts
  • How R3 Corda works
  • Types of R3 Corda applications
  • R3 Corda use cases
  • How R3 Corda compares to traditional financial software development
  • How R3 Corda compares to Bitcoin
  • How R3 Corda compares to Ethereum
  • How R3 Corda compares to Hyperledger
  • R3 Corda app structure
  • R3 Corda components (states, transactions, contracts, notaries, oracles, and flows)
  • Designing R3 Corda solutions
  • Developing R3 Corda solutions
  • Unit testing R3 Corda solutions
  • R3 Corda Client RPC and REST APIs
  • R3 Corda infrastructure (identity, TLS, AMQP, Artemis, Quasar)

With this class you will receive:

  • Expert Instructor
  • 1 Year access to recorded training

Related Certification

The Corda Distributed Ledger Architect Certification enables you to gain architectural understanding and exposure of the corda platform. The Certification empowers you to utilize your architectural knowledge to make important decisions related to the corda projects and craft the guidelines and structure of the whole corda system, considering the requirement of the system. As the demand for Certified Corda Architect is rising, this certification proves to be a competitive advantage.

Course Outline

Course Outline

  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with R3 Corda
  • Lab 1: DemoBench App
    • Launch DemoBench
    • Create Notaries
    • Create Nodes
    • Launch Node Explorer
    • View Corda Network
    • Create, invoke, and view Transactions
    • Query data in Vaults
    • Add and use custom CorDapps
  • Chapter 2: Intro R3 Corda Architecture
  • Lab 2: Hello World Tutorial
    • Use the R3 CorDapp Template
    • Explore States
    • Explore Contracts
    • Explore Commands
    • Explore Transactions
    • Explore Flows
  • Chapter 3: Intro to Corda Programming
  • Lab 3: R3 Example CorDapp Tutorial
    • Download the R3 Example CorDapp
    • Explore the example IOU Contract
    • Explore the example IOU Sate
    • Explore the example Flow
    • Interact with the example CorDapp
  • Chapter 4: Advanced R3 Corda Architecture
  • Lab 4: R3 CorDapp Samples on GitHub
    • Explore the “Yo!” example
    • Explore the “CordaChat” example
    • Explore the “Heartbeat” example
  • Chapter 5: Advanced Corda Programming
  • Lab 5: R3 Corda Training Code Example
    • Use the R3 CorDapp Training Code Example for Unit Testing
    • Implement States and State Unit Tests
    • Implement Flows and Flow Unit Tests
  • Chapter 6: R3 Corda Infrastructure
  • Lab 6: Community Corda Samples
    • Explore the “Delivery vs Payment Asset Transfers” example
    • Explore the “Property Listing” example
    • Explore the “Insurance Claim” example
  • Review

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