Artificial Intelligence – On Demand


Price: $400 With Certification

Format: On-Demand

Duration: 20 Hours

Target Audience

This course aims to provide a broad of the AI landscape. This course is intended for business leaders, decision makers, technical program and product managers, and solution architects interested in learning more about the transformative new technology. There are no prerequisites for this course.

Machine Learning is a discipline of Artificial Intelligence focused on teaching machines to gather and apply knowledge.

In this class you will learn all about the broad and exciting field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI holds the promise to radically transform the business and consumer worlds over the coming decade; learn what AI is, how it matured to its current state, what AI means for you and your business, the future of AI, and most importantly – how you can be ready for it!

Course Outline

What's Included

Chapter 1: What is AI?
Chapter 2: The History of AI
Chapter 3: How does AI work?
Chapter 4: What are the goals of AI?
Chapter 5: AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning – What does it all mean?

With this class you will receive:

  • 20 Hours of Learning Content
  • 1 Year of Unlimited Access to Course Materials
  • Ability to stop, pause, rewind and move through all chapters
  • Format: Self-Paced Learning

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